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What are Charger Plates?

Charger Plates are large platters which dinner plates placed on it, and size is from 12” to 14” normally.

Charger plate is decorative use in occasion of weddings, events, parties, banquets, hotels or restaurants.
Since 19th century, charger plates have been in use and also we called it service plates and under plates. 


Why to use Charger Plates?

Do you want your tabletop settings look excellent?

Charger plates can help match elements of tabletop, such as dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, linens, and other accessories, reflecting harmonious styles of dinning table through color and pattern designs.
It will catch your guests’ eyes when chargers are on your dinner tables. 
Also, chargers prevent tablecloth from dirty during service.


What materials are Charger Plates ?

As chargers are not in contact with food directly, there’re lots of materials can be.
Tylors Glass supply large variety of charger plates, such as glass charger plates, acrylic charger plates, mirror charger plates, crystal charger plates, wood charger plates, wire charger plates.