Mirror Charger Plates

Mirror Charger Plate with Rhinestone
13 inch mirrored placemats or charger plates with rhinestones decoration.
Rhinestone Mirror Charger Plates
Mirror charger plates with small rhinestone beads arround for wedding decoration.
Tylor's Mirrored Charger Plates
Item 3C587A
Square Mirror Charger Plate Placemat
Item 3C587B
Square mirror charger plates for wedding
Mirror Placemat Charger Plates
Item 3C587D
It's a better idea of wedding decoration, mirror charger plates with rhinestone
Mirror Chargers Rhinestone Arround
Item 3C220B
Mirror charger plates with rhinestones
Luster Beads Mirror Charger Plates
Item 3C587C
Mirror Charger Plates,decorated with luster rhinestone beads
Milk Luster Mirror Charger Plates
Mirror charger plates with luster rainbow finish rhinestone decoration.
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