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rose gold charger plates bulk

Since 2013, TYLOR'S has been established and started to develop, manufacture and wholesale competitive and high-quality glass charger plates for wedding and event, as well as various table glassware for home, catering, restaurant and hotel.

wedding charger plates wholesale

Our main supply
1. Spining Glass Plates, Bowls, Cake Stand, and hand made them in different colors and finishings.
2. Fused Glass Platters, Trays, and various Serving Wares.
3. Handmade Mouth Blown Wine Glass, Water Glass, Champagne Glass, Vase and so on for table.

TYLOR'S continuously expands products, and develops a large number of new products with different styles every year. At present, there are hundreds to thousands of products.

We have the ability to turn customers' ideas and drawing into real products, whether it is color, design, style, etc.

In the past ten years, TYLOR'S is one of the most professional Charger Plates Wholesalers, and products have been exported to many countries around the world, and it has established long-term and stable cooperation with customers. 

You can trust in TYLOR'S!

Welcome to be our partner, we will be honored to work with you from now on.

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